By: Business in Kansas City, MO


Kansas City, MO, a vibrant city located in the heart of the United States, is home to a diverse and growing population. With its rich cultural heritage and thriving economy, it presents an ideal location for entrepreneurs looking to start a business. This article aims to shed light on the potential of opening a Plus Size Fashion Store in Kansas City, MO by exploring the resident demographics, the distribution of important residential and commercial areas, expected capital investment, return on investment, and suitable locations for such a store.


Kansas City, MO boasts a population of approximately 495,327 residents, making it the largest city in Missouri. The city has a fairly even distribution of males and females, with females slightly outnumbering males. What makes Kansas City, MO an ideal location for a Plus Size Fashion Store is the fact that 68.1% of the population is above the age of 18, indicating a significant market for fashion and clothing stores.

Important Residential Areas

When considering the ideal location for a Plus Size Fashion Store, it is crucial to understand the distribution of important residential areas. The city is divided into several districts, each boasting its unique characteristics. Key residential areas that should be targeted are Downtown Kansas City, Westport, and River Market. These areas have experienced significant growth in recent years, attracting young professionals and creating a demand for trendy and fashionable clothing options.

Commercial Areas

To maximize the success of a Plus Size Fashion Store, it is essential to consider the distribution of commercial areas in Kansas City, MO. The Country Club Plaza, known for its upscale shopping, historic architecture, and entertainment options, is an excellent location choice. Additionally, the Crown Center, an expansive mixeduse development featuring hotels, offices, and shopping centers, would provide ample foot traffic and exposure for a Plus Size Fashion Store.

Investment and Return

Launching a Plus Size Fashion Store requires careful financial planning. The initial capital investment would depend on factors such as store size, inventory, decor, and marketing expenses. On average, a startup investment ranging from $100,000 to $300,000 can be expected. The return on investment largely depends on effective marketing strategies, a diverse product range, and a competitive pricing strategy. With the growing demand for plussize fashion in Kansas City, MO, profitability and success are achievable within a reasonable timeframe.

Suitable Store Locations

Based on market research and demographics, several locations within Kansas City, MO can be considered ideal for a Plus Size Fashion Store. These include:

  1. Country Club Plaza: This upscale shopping district attracts both locals and tourists, providing a prime location for a Plus Size Fashion Store.
  2. Crown Center: With its high foot traffic and diverse range of businesses, the Crown Center offers excellent visibility and exposure.
  3. Westport: Known for its vibrant nightlife and youthful population, Westport is an ideal location to establish a trendy Plus Size Fashion Store that caters to younger customers.


The Plus Size Fashion Store industry presents a lucrative business opportunity in Kansas City, MO. Its diverse population, growing residential and commercial areas, and the increasing demand for fashionable clothing establish favorable conditions for success. With careful planning, strategic store locations, and the right marketing strategies, entrepreneurs can tap into this niche market, ensuring profitability and growth for their Plus Size Fashion Store.